Monday, October 15, 2012

Re-implementing Sage Accpac ERP Modules when Upgrading

I came across with a scenario where I had to carry out an upgrade for Financial Modules and re-implement Operational Modules. There I had implemented SM, GL, AR, AP, IC and OE modules. I had a requirement only to upgrade SM, GL, AP and AR modules from Accpac 5.2 to Accpac 6.0 and re implement IC, OE modules as new modules.

This task was difficult because even we do not activate those modules from Data Activation UI when doing the upgrade all the tables and data reside in IC and OE are also carried to the new version in the database. Hence we had to find a solution for this scenario.

The solution we found is shown below,

1. Upgrade all modules from 5.2 to 6.0 including SM, GL, AP, AR, AP, IC and OE using data activation UI and Database Dump

2. Create a new Accpac company in Accpac 6.0 with SM, GL, AP, AR, AP, IC and OE without any data.

3. Dump the newly created Accpac 6.0 company database

4. From that dump all tales related to IC and OE omitting SM, GL, AP and AR modules. These files are shown as REC files in DAT folder in Dump.

5. Replace copied REC filed from empty company with upgraded database's dump files in DAT folder (All tales related to IC and OE omitting SM, GL, AP)

6. DB LOAD the files replaced DUMP to Accpac

After DB loading that DUMP file we got IC and OE modules without any data. Hence we could re implement IC and OE while having all past data and setup in Financial Modules.

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